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ASF and .PROT partner to launch new Angelman Center for families in Poland

October 11, 2023

ASF and .PROT partner to launch new Angelman Center for families in Poland

On September 23, The Angelman Center brought together around 50 Families at the First National Gathering of families with Angelman syndrome (I Ogólnopolski Zlot Aniołków). The meeting was organized by the families from the Angelman Syndrome Project (Projekt Zespół Angelmana).

Among many activities, there were two presentations on: the Angelman Syndrome Project agenda and the foundation of the house for adolescent AS patients. Dr. Kacper Łukasiewicz presented ongoing projects and announced a new initiative started with the Angelman Syndrome Foundation: the Angelman Center (Centrum Angelmana).

Press Release

The Angelman Syndrome Foundation is proud to announce their partnership with .PROT, which is coordinating Polish scientists’ and caregivers’ efforts through the Projekt Zespół Angelmana (Angelman Syndrome Project), to launch a new Angelman Center to better serve the community in Poland.

“We feel privileged to collaborate with an esteemed organization like Angelman Syndrome Foundation to establish a new Angelman Center for the community affected by Angelman syndrome in Poland.” Kacper Łukasiewicz, .PROT

“We are so honored to be partnering with such a strong organization like .PROT to bring a much-needed Angelman Center to the community in Poland and into the LADDER Learning Network.” Amanda Moore, CEO of the Angelman Syndrome Foundation.