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Project Wellcast

Project Wellcast

This NIH-funded research study aims to understand how to best support caregivers of children with rare neurogenetic conditions via telehealth. Eligible participants may receive free resources, evidence-based treatments by trained therapists, and/or peer-to-peer coaching by other rare disorder caregivers.


Participants are asked to complete forms and questionnaires about their experiences and are compensated up to $100 for their time.  

Please note: Because this is a research study, participants do not select which type of support they will receive. All resources are evidence-based and accessible from home, without any travel. Participants may stop the study at any time without penalty. 



  • Caregiver (age 18+) of an individual ages 2-35
  • Individual must have a documented neurogenetic condition typically associated with intellectual disability and/or developmental delays; condition may not be neurodegenerative in nature
  • Caregiver must reside in the US and be fluent in English
  • Additional eligibility criteria may apply.


More Information & To Participate

More information can be found on the study website

Send questions or interest in participation to 



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